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Dear Budding Entrepreneur,

Can you install a WordPress blog? Yes?

Have you got a few basic computer skills, like surfing the ‘Net and uploading files? Yes?

Then I can confidently assure you that you’ve got all the basic skills you need to start a wildly profitable Autoblogging Empire with my help!

As an entrepreneur at heart, working paycheck to paycheck with no end in sight wasn’t for me.

I decided a long time ago that if I wanted to start making real money and stop being broke. I needed to find an automated way of generating massive amounts of targeted traffic to use in promoting my own products or affiliate products.

And that’s when I discovered Autoblogging!

I went from making $300 a week at Blockbuster as an Assistant Manger to making $3,000 a day in sales using Autoblogs!

And that was only the beginning!

How I Got Started!

Before I began Autoblogging, I sold virtual items for online games. Now I wasn’t farming virtual items, I was the middleman. I bought items from wholesalers in China and sold at 40% to 50% profit! Now I had a great gig but the competition was fierce!

After awhile I figured I’d help drive traffic to my sites using Autoblogs. I didn’t know much about Autoblogging at the time, but after a month of research I dove in and immediately saw the potential!

Soon after I found the Autoblogs I created, only around 20 at the time were generating thousands of targeted visitors EVERY DAY to my selling sites which helped increase sales by 200% to 300%!

Now I’m not in the business of selling virtual items anymore but guess what? It doesn’t matter because my Autoblogs are still going STRONG! And generating affiliate commissions left and right promoting other people’s products!

That’s the beauty of Autoblogging!

If you create Autoblogs the right way and target a growing niche, you’ll always have products to promote and the ability to make money!

If all else fails there is still contextual advertising networks to work with but at this time promoting my own products and affiliate products is working great for me and making hundreds of dollars a day on autopilot for literally YEARS Now!

That’s why I love creating Autoblogs.

It’s an automated business that will last for as long as you want it to.

It’s not going anywhere, it won’t be shut down like Blogger Blogs or hosted Blogs. It’s your own automated business that no one can take away from you.

What is Autoblog Book?

Autoblog Book is a beginners to advance guide on Autoblogging. I walk you through the process of setting up your first Autoblog from selecting web hosting, purchasing domain names and installing and configuring your blog.

Most people know how to install WordPress blogs already and that’s great, but for the newbie’s I have you covered.

Then I walk you through configuring your plugins. I show you the must have plugins with direct link downloads. I show you the best plugins to use and how to use them effectively.

I show you how to generate content for your Autoblogs on autopilot. I have reviewed literally every Autoblog plugin there is. Remember I have been doing this for several years now.

I’ve tested and have done extensive research on top Autoblog plugins on the market today and show you the best ones for your Autoblogs.

I give you tips and general advice on setting up your Autoblog Empire. I show you how not to become a link farm in Google’s eyes, and how to protect your Autoblogs for the long haul. Remember I create Autoblogs for long term income. This is not a get rich quick scheme. This is a get rich and stay rich scheme that literally lasts as long as your niche is alive!

If you’re blogging about Weight loss, guess what? The Weight loss niche isn’t going anywhere! And if you think a niche is too saturated guess again!

I show you how to do proper keyword and market research. I show you how to find those killer keywords to focus your Autoblogs on.

I show you how to promote your Autoblogs for lasting results! I show you everything I’ve learned over the years and more!

I’ve done EXTENSIVE RESEARCH the past few months for Autoblog Book! I’ve read everything I could find on Autoblogging, I’ve seen it all!

And I’ve put everything together for you in an easy to read eBook that is only around 40 pages long!

There is NO Fluff in Autoblog Book, its jam packed only with the latest and greatest information on Autoblogging!

Not only will I show you how to build Autoblogs for the long haul, but I’ll show you how to promote them for high search engine placement!

I’ll show you how you can quickly and easily generate backlinks on autopilot. I show you how to find the most prized blogs to post your links on! I show you Web 2.0 techniques that will knock your socks off! And More!

I show you everything you need to start an Autoblogging Empire that last for YEARS and generates income for LIFE!

Here Are A Few Things You’ll Learn
With Autoblog Book

  • Market & Keyword Research I’ll get started by showing you how to do proper market and keyword research. I’ll show you how to select the perfect niche for your Autoblogs and show you which tools are best in your research.
  • Domain Names & Webhosting I’ll give you some tips on selecting the perfect domain names for your blogs, then show you how different web hosting companies and your setup can make or break your Autoblogs.
  • Getting Organized I’ll show you how I organize before mass producing Autoblogs. And how this simple step can easily save you hours of tedious work later on.
  • Your Themes I’ll show you top Autoblog themes and how you can easily find free themes for your Autoblogs!
  • Setting up Your First Autoblog I’ll walk you through your first Autoblog and show you what you must do to get your blogs quickly indexed and ranked high in search engines.
  • Basic Plugins I’ll show you the basic plugins every Autoblog needs. I found even regular blogs can be enhanced with these plugins. Each plugin I recommend is researched and used extensively with my own Autoblogs first before I recommend them.
  • SEO Plugins Autoblogs are fairly Search Engine Optimized as it is, but with the right SEO plugins we can turn your average Autoblog into a Super Autoblog!
  • Stat Plugins / Applications A good web stats plugin or application is needed for every Autoblog you create and after extensive research I have found the perfect plugin to get the job done. I bet you can’t guess what that plugin is!
  • Content Generation: Type of Content, Usage & Results I’ll show you my results for the type of content I have used whether it’s duplicate content, rewritten content or original content. And I’ll show you how you can effectively use each versions of content and how to obtain content for your Autoblogs!
  • Advanced Content Generators I review the top content generators on the market today and show you my results from using them. Most likely you’ll be using at least one of these plugins to generate content for your Autoblogs.
  • Simple Content Generators & Feed Plugins Not all feed based content generators are the same. After extensive research I found the best feed based content generator for your needs and I’ll show you how to fully utilize it!
  • Content Rewrite Plugins I’ll show you the best rewrite plugins available today. And show you how you can get one free!
  • Stripping Feeds & Full Feeds Learn how to turn partial feeds into full feeds! If used properly I can guarantee hundreds if not thousands of unique visitors each and every day just by using this one technique!
  • Making Money with Your Autoblogs Creating Autoblogs is easy, but how do we make money with them? I’ll show you the best money making plugins you can use to help you generate hundreds of dollars a day on autopilot!
  • Ad Layouts Making money with Adsense is fine, but when you want to up your game and start making real money I have you covered. I’ll show you how to quickly add advertisements dynamically throughout your blog no matter what themes you are using.
  • Text Link Replacement Now we’re talking! I’ll show you the top text link replacement plugins there are, and show you how to use them effectively to drive traffic to your affiliate offers or promote your own products!
  • Affiliate Network Widgets Whether you’re working as an eBay, Amazon or even Clickbank affiliate I’ll show you how to quickly create keyword targeted ads that your visitors will want to click on!
  • Promoting Your Auto Blogs I’ll show you how to quickly promote your Autoblogs to increase their search engine rankings and help drive more traffic to your site!
  • Self Promotion Ideas I’ll give you five incredible tips to increasing your Autoblog SERP’s rankings. I’ll walk you step by step to easily rank on the first page of Google with these easy to implement strategies. I’ll even show you how to automate most tactics!
  • Autoblog Research Results: After Autoblogging for many years I’ve learned a few things on what works and what doesn’t work and I’ll show you my results!
  • How To Keep Your Autoblogs Safe From Google… I’ll also give you tips to keep your Autoblog safe from being deindexed by Google and how to make your Autoblog not even look like an Autoblog!
  • Footprints and Staying Under the Radar I’ll show you how to stay under the radar and prevent your Autoblogs from being labeled as spam.

And Much More…

You too can get started!

I know you’re interested but you might not be 100% convinced yet?

Let me tell you this, Autoblog Book is a complete walk through for new bloggers and advance bloggers alike. Anyone can pick it up and understand what needs to be done to generate successful Autoblogs on autopilot!

Again I don’t just show you how to create Autoblogs, I show you how to make them successful! Most people who create Autoblogs leave this crucial step out and usually fail in the long run.

Don’t waste your time and money building Autoblogs the wrong way when I show you exactly what you need to do to create successful LONG LASTING Autoblogs that generate traffic and income for years!

Click Here To Get Started NOW!

Here is what other Autobloggers are
saying about Autoblog Book…

Seriously, this brings you step by step on how to make money online which is what everyone wants including me. Even showing how to market it would help anyone trying to market any website. People pay hundreds of dollars for stuff like this! I am very very happy you produced this e-book! I will be using it A TON!

Matt ESF

Mixed as to what it is but I think it is a great resource. Packed with information but reads more like a chapter book rather than a guide/setup. Chapter 1 being kw research, chapter 2 domains/hosting and so forth. As far as autoblogging guides goes, this is by far one of the most in depth I’ve ever seen yet. More in depth than the ABOC ebook that was released and a lot cheaper. It’s not a step by step, but that would just be a lot of hand holding; if someone cannot learn to setup an autoblog based on this guide and the free information made available to them, they need to look for other means of making money online. I think you have covered about everything there is; I would have suggested a couple more different plugins not mentioned and not included some mentioned, but that is preference. I like the apparent honesty in the book too; you give what works for you, but what also CAN work for others which I think is good because it gives them choices so that if one does not work for them, another may.

It’s a no bs type of ebook that seems to be well researched. I would be willing to bet that everyone be pleased with their purchase; anyone who isn’t is a freeloader.

Shylesson BHW

I am an autoblogger. I’ve purchased WP Mass Installer, Caffeinated Content and Caffeinated World.

I’ve have over a thousand autoblogs. I’ve seen and used many ebooks, systems, software and theories.

This is by far the best book on Auto Blogging I’ve read. This manual details out exactly what you will need, how to use it and why. I consider myself and Intermediate/Advanced autoblogger. There are a few tips and tricks that I didn’t know. I will be using it to rework and upgrade my blogs definitely.

He also explains things not to do in the auto blogging world.

If you’re serious about making money online. For $37 its the only guide you will need on autoblogging.

Rating: 9/10 MelfromBoD DP

I really appreciate the efforts done by the Author to cover every expect of creating auto blogs. I think its worth the price and its a must read for anyone who wants to earn through auto blogging. I’ll give it 9/10.

dc0ded DP

Its a great book with all the information you require for making an autoblog. It starts from niche research to keyword research and then too which hosting to select and what plugins you require. He then shows how you can earn from your autoblogs with minimum effort. After reading the book i was quite surprised that making an autoblog can be so much easy. This book is of great help to me,

Piyushjeswani DP

This is a 38-paged autoblogging report. I won’t really call it a book, rather a report. Regardless, the wealth of information is priceless. The entire report is a no-fluff approach to auto-blogging. It covers EVERY aspect of autoblogging. From keyword research to the final promotion. Nothing has been left out. And the initial tactics discussed could easily be applied to your other non-autoblog sites.

There’s a horde of links to plugin sites, themes, optimum settings, etc for your wordpress. Everything has been discussed in detail, yet it does not get boring or prolonged.

In short, a great guide for everyone. If you’re in the autoblogging market, get it.

lifetalk DP

There is no stone left unturned here and for the price, it is a steal. I have read $97 products with not even a fraction of the information provided here. THIS is what I would have expected of a $97 main ebook product. The tips and information are great! He tells you how to keyword research (not just tell you to do it, but how), where to host, how many blogs to host on an ip, what types of domains work best, what plugins to use, where to find themes, and so much more in such a small package. I’m surprised at how much information he was able to stuff in there!

I am an info freak and have read a lot of information online as is, and this is what the autoblogging wiki should look like. Literally. This guy had to put a lot of time into doing this so I think $37 is a real steal.

10/10 without a doubt. Jen Peoples DP

100% Risk Free

Use my Guide and Start Your
Autoblog Empire Today!

Remember, I only reveal tried and tested strategies in building an Autoblog Empire. All the tips and strategies I recommend I have used myself and continue to use in building Autoblogs!

  • Don’t fall for partial Autoblog guides that are outdated and don’t work!
  • Don’t fall for Autoblog guides that don’t show you how to create successful long term Autoblogs!
  • Don’t fall for Autoblog guides that charge too much and never deliver!

Still, there are some people who should definitely not use my guide. While most people will benefit in a huge way…

Please DON’T Use My Guide If:

  • You prefer to struggle in setting up your Autoblog Empire.
  • You like to risk your time and money with unproven strategies that don’t work.
  • You like to learn the hard way in what works and what doesn’t work.

Note: When you learn how to create Autoblogs the right way and learn their power in generating targeted traffic for your own products, affiliate offers or even contextual ads, all on autopilot you may become addicted to Autoblogging and want to focus on them heavily for their long term money making abilities!

You’ll find making money with Autoblogs easier and long lasting while other methods die out over time. That’s what I love about Autoblogging!

They’re easy to work with, requires little maintenance after they’re up and running, they can run by their self, and they continue to generate targeted leads for YEARS to come!!

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Autoblog Book

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bevel dot 2The techniques revealed in this guide are top secret and must not be revealed to anyone else. So I promise I will not reveal, disclose or allow unauthorized access to Autoblog Book.

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If you have any questions or comments, please email me at support [at] AutoBlogBook dot com

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